2023 6th World Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Manufacturing (WCMEIM 2023)

Welcome Assoc. Prof. Guanglei Wu, Dalian University of Technology, China to be the TPC!


Assoc. Prof. Guanglei Wu, Dalian University of Technology, China

吴广磊 副教授,大连理工大学

Guanglei Wu, Associate Professor, Doctor of Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology. In 2013, he received a doctorate from Aalborg University in Denmark. He is engaged in research work in the field of robotics. He is responsible for and participates in more than 20 projects at the national, provincial and ministerial levels, international cooperation and other types of projects, authorizes 9 patents, writes 1 Springer academic monograph, publishes more than 90 SCI / EI academic papers ( more than 40 SCI papers in the first or newsletter, and more than 30 chapters in the series ), and makes more than 10 special reports of the conference and more than 30 reports of international academic conferences. He published more than 30 papers in the top journals of robotics and mechanical design, such as Mechanism and Machine Theory, Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, and the top conferences of robotics, such as ICRA and IROS. He served as the editorial board of SCI journal Advances in Mechanical Engineering and was selected as the ' Xinghaiqingqian ' Special Fellow of Dalian University of Technology ( 2018-2020 ). He won the best conference paper award at the 2016 China Institutions Annual Conference and Asian Institutions and Machine Science Conference, the Liaoning / Dalian Natural Science Academic Achievement Award, the IFToMM Conference Organization Contribution Award, and the Liaoning / Dalian University of Technology Teaching Achievement Award. He has established good scientific research cooperation with Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Nantes Central Polytechnic and other universities.

吴广磊,大连理工大学机械工程学院,副教授,工学博士。2013年获丹麦奥尔堡大学(Aalborg University)博士学位,从事机器人技术领域的研究工作,负责和参与国家、省部级、国际合作等各类项目20余项,授权专利9项,撰写Springer学术专著1部,发表SCI/EI学术论文90余篇(第一或通讯SCI论文40余篇、丛书章节30余篇),做大会特邀报告10余次、国际学术会议报告30余次,在机器人学、机械设计类顶级期刊Mechanism and Machine Theory、Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing等和机器人顶级会议ICRA、IROS等发表论文30余篇,担任SCI期刊Advances in Mechanical Engineering编委,入选大连理工大学"星海青千"特聘研究员(2018-2020),获2016中国机构学年会暨亚洲机构与机器科学会议最佳会议论文奖、辽宁省/大连市自然科学学术成果奖、IFToMM会议组织贡献奖、辽宁省/大连理工大学教学成果奖等,与奥尔堡大学、奥胡斯大学、南特中央理工等大学建立了良好的科研合作。