2024 7th World Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Manufacturing (WCMEIM 2024)

Welcome Prof. Guijiang Duan, Beihang University, China to be the TPC!


Prof. Guijiang Duan, Beihang University, China


Dr. Guijiang DUAN is currently a Professor at the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering at BEIHANG University and a Member of the China Quality Association Council. He also serves as the deputy director of the Engineering Research Center of Advanced Manufacturing System for Complex Products of the Ministry of Education. Dr.Guijiang DUAN received his B.S. and MS from the Dalian University of Technology and Ph.D from the BEIHANG University major in Mechanical Engineering. He finished his postdoctoral research at BEIHANG University in integrated quality systems prior to joining BEIHANG University. His research lab – QEL Lab, aims to bring advanced tools and systems to quality control and improvement in modern manufacturing systems. He has published over 100 journal and international conference papers, 3 textbooks. He also holds 9 invention patents and 36 software Copyrights. His work has been funded by National Science foundation (NSF) and National High-Tech Project (863Project). Professor DUAN is the recipient of the National Science and Technology Award, MAOYISHENG Youth Science and Technology Award and Beijing Science and Technology New Star Award.