2023 6th World Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Manufacturing (WCMEIM 2023)

Welcome Prof. Daoheng Sun, Xiamen University, China to be the TPC!


Prof. Daoheng Sun, Xiamen University, China


Personal Website: https://aerospace.xmu.edu.cn/info/1047/1797.htm

Daoheng Sun is a Distinguished Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Xiamen University. "He is an expert of the National Key R&D Program for Intelligent Sensors of the 14th Five-Year Plan. He is currently the director of Fujian Province High-end Equipment Intelligent Sensing and Control Engineering Research Center, director of Fujian Province Intelligent Sensor Civil-Military Fusion Collaborative Innovation Center, director of Chinese Society of Micro and Nano Technology, member of National MEMS Standardization Committee, etc.. He mainly conducts research on MEMS, sensing technology, micro and nano additive manufacturing, etc. He has presided over and completed more than 20 key projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China and 863 projects of Ministry of Science and Technology, etc. He has published more than 300 articles in Small, Nano Letters, Composites Part B, NanoScale, etc. He has obtained more than 300 authorized invention patents.

厦门大学特聘教授、博士生导师。“十四五”智能传感器国家重点研发计划专家。现任福建省高端装备智能传感与控制工程研究中心主任,福建省智能传感器军民融合协同创新中心主任,中国微米纳米技术学会理事、全国MEMS标准化委员会委员等。主要进行MEMS、传感技术、微纳增材制造等研究;主持完成国家自然科学基金重点项目、科技部863项目等20余项;相关工作在Small、Nano Letters、Composites Part B、NanoScale等刊物上发表300余篇;获得授权发明专利300余项。